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The AirJet Shower Drying System uses air to solve a common problem — wet and moldy showers. In the past, this problem has required ongoing diligence with a squeegee, towel drying, scrubbing, and chemicals.

The patented AirJet system is installed directly into the ceiling or walls of your shower. Depending on the size of your shower space, four to twenty air-jet brass nozzles set flush to the surface. Optional directional nozzles help to dry hard-to-reach spaces. A hidden plumbing system delivers air to the nozzles from the AirMax Whisper Blower, which can be hidden in a nearby conditioned space such as a closet, mechanical room, finished attic, or basement up to 100 feet away. Beautifully designed and available in eight finishes, the AirJet system enhances your shower space.

By significantly reducing the drying time, the AirJet promotes a healthier bathroom environment. Mold and mildew lose their breeding ground. All you do is flip the timer-controlled switch and walk away.

  • Fully customized kit for your shower space

  • Straight and 90-degree rough in nozzles

  • Straight and directional nozzle trim available in eight finishes

  • Clean and simple

  • Fresh, dry space

  • Skip the towel, squeegee and scrubbing

  • Creates a custom, luxury bathroom design

  • Reduces or eliminates the need for harsh chemicals

  • Perfect for bathroom remodels or new construction homes

AirMax Blower


We offer three different sizes, 0.8, 1.0, and 1.5 horsepower AirMax Blower, that gets hidden out of sight, generates a powerful and steady jet of air that travels in a 2” rigid PVC tube from up to 50’ away, if needed, and connects to the manifold that distributes the air to the AirJet Nozzles.


AirJet Nozzles

Strategically placed and built-in flush to your shower ceiling or walls, these premium aluminum rough in nozzles are the outlet from which air is directed into the shower to promote drying. Nozzle trim are available in 8 different finishes.

AirMax Tubing

The AirJet system comes with 1/8" thick, 3/4" inside-diameter flexible PVC tubing to direct airflow to individual AirJet Nozzles.

AirMax Airflow Manifold

Evenly distributes air from the AirMax Whisper Blower to the individual AirJet Nozzles.

AirJet Switch

The AirJet Switch lets you easily and intuitively program run time for your AirJet Shower Drying System.

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